Frequently Asked Questions

CPT means Cartridge Package, Tactical. This is a new, patented concept of packing cartridges as well as filling magazines efficiently. CPT is NOT a magazine loading device or a speed loader.


CPT is a cartridge package that is  filled with your selected ammo type at the ammunition plant.


From our CPT you can load your 30-round magazine in few seconds. When cartridges are taken from the closed ammo container, the average load time of the CPT is less than 10 seconds. With traditional cartridge packaging it may take 1-2 minutes to load a magazine and with stripper clip less than 40 seconds.


You can simply use another magazine or another CPT as a tool and load either side first and then turn the CPT over and load the second side.

Simplicity itself.


You can do it wearing gloves and even mittens.


You do not have to worry which side first. CPT will load from either side.


You don’t need any extra tools or gadgets, which are difficult to use in harsh or stressful conditions.

If you are military or law enforcement end user who wants the tactical and operational edge, this a product for you. You can contact your ammo supplier and demand your ammunition to be packed in CPT.


CPT is a game changer for ammunition manufacturers. When your customers have experienced the swiftness along with the advantages of CPT, they will refuse any other forms of packing ammunition. For manufacturers, we have several solutions on how to become a CPT user. Don’t hesitate – become one of the first ammo manufacturers using CPT and gain new markets.


And the best thing is that CPT is that its cost effective and simple to take advantage of. CPT’s effect on your ammunition expenses is marginal – especially when comparing it to the tactical and operational edge you will gain.

CPT is now available for:


 5.56 NATO caliber rifles with NATO STANAG rifle/magazine interface:

– AR-15 type

– M4

– M16


– H&K 416

– H&K 430


All configurations for this type of magazine can be used:

– STANAG Metal Magazines

– Magpul PMAG   


– Lancer


CPT can also be used in training with blank or marking (Simunition) cartridges.


CPT is not limited to the above ammunition types.

Send us a query with any ammo requests and we will help find a solution for you.


With CPT being an easy to use package, we want you fully covered. Therefore, when your unit or agency is adopting CPT, we will deliver you our support package. Containing training manuals, instructions as to the what as well as why.

  • CPT is very easily taken advantage of, by this meaning that it is very simple to use.
  • CPT is highly cost effective. 
  • CPT is easily ordered, simply by contacting your ammo supplier and demanding the use of CPT. 
  • CPT is highly customizable, therefore ammo types are simply a request away from having a solution.
  • CPT is quick and efficient, cutting load times in more than half, no matter the stress of the environment nor the conditions of your situational surroundings.

CPT comprises two rows of cartridges.

The capacity of the cartridge package is thus divided into two sub-compartments in the cartridge package.


The mouth portion of the cartridge package is identical in both sub-compartments of the cartridge package and the two sub-compartments are separated by a flexible intermediate wall.


This construction makes it possible to load either row of cartridges first.