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The Story of CPT

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CPT was born in 2015.
I had been working on the Finnish Border Guard as Chief Instructor, Special Intervention Teams.

Our specialist cadre worked with and tested a substantial range of firearms as well as vast amounts of ammunition, whenever a new weapons system was being considered.
It can not be exaggerated, the amount of small arms ammunition used / tested was significant.

This resulted in the loading of magazines, lots of magazines, hundreds, thousands, multiple thousands of magazines.
I remember thinking that, “Surely there is an easier way to do this?”.
The above thought was buried within the depths of my mind.

After two years of enjoying my retirement I began conceptualizing, toying that very idea.
This was the moment CPT was born.
A friend who makes plastic models agreed to make, what turned out to be the very first physical representation of what I had in mind.

December of 2015, I had the first model of a CPT in my hand.
It worked beautifully, albeit it being rough and ugly.

There were a number of development stages / models made during the following six months, until I was satisfied that I now had in hand, what I had envisioned in July of 2015. It would be a further six months until I began the patenting process.
It was stressful time.
I contacted one of my old friends, who saw the potential in my invention and encouraged me to carry on.
The patent process was complicated and expensive, however with dogged determination, we began to get patents approved, first the EU, then the US, China and so on.

After rigorous testing and development our product is ready for the market
I have shown CPT to numerous end users around the world, including military as well as law enforcement units, as well as the civilian markets.
Everyone loves CPT, CPT is ready to make the world lethal fast!