Instructors & Civilian Shooters


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The CPT is the perfect choice for instructors as well as the people they teach

With the CPT you are guaranteed to spend more time shooting than the alternative, which is spending it reloading.

Choose CPT, and make sure every chance at the range is taken advantage of.

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Additional information

Weight 0,068 kg
Dimensions 17,2 × 3 × 6,4 cm

– CPT's are sold in batches of 10.
– CPT is tested with new ammunition and well maintained magazines.
– Reloaded ammo with worn-out brass may cause stoppages in some cases
– Dirty magazines and magazines with deformed feeding lips may cause problems
– Wrong technique when loading mags with CPT may cause problems
– Wrong caliber and unfitting magazines cause stoppages and feeding problems

“We recommend the use of original factory-loaded ammunition with the CPT, as self-loaded ammunition may have variations in length and case quality, which may prevent or hinder CPT's proper functionality.“