CPT - Cartridge Package Tactical

We have a military background and based on years of training and operations, the CPT was developed. To give you military or law enforcement operator an important advantage that can mean saving lives.

The CPT is the answer for an unmet need, an innovative and disruptive tool that allows you to load your 30 round magazine in 4-8 seconds. You will have significant advantage over hand-loaded or even stripper clip mechanism.

The CPT allows you to be ready for action quicker!

Steps To Using The CPT

Simply use another magazine or another CPT as a tool and load either side first. Then, turn the CPT over and load the second side. Simplicity itself. You can do it wearing gloves, even mittens. You do not have to worry which side first. CPT will load from either side. 


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

CPT is now available for 5.56 NATO caliber rifles AND Magazines with NATO STANAG rifle/magazines interface: AR-15 type, M4, M16, FN SCAR, H&K 416, H&K 433 etc All kind of magazines for this weapon/magazine configuration can be used: STANAG Metal Magazines, Magpul PMAG and EMAG, Lancer etc. 

CPT can be converted to other assault rifle types, calibers and magazines.
Just ask and we will have a solution for you.

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Lehigh Defense

Lehigh Defense is driven by a desire to transform. Throughout our 20+ year history, we've designed, tested, redesigned and perfected many new firearm and ammunition technologies, all in the name of advancing the industry. We started out manufacturing Swiss CNC machine Match Solid Bullets for use in competition. Starting with the outdated products of the day, we questioned how to push the limits of the technology and spent months in the shop working through previously uncharted territory. Our research and testing ultimately led to the development of a world record setting high performance bullet that delivers the highest possible reliability. Not content to rest on our success, we started to look into the terminal performance of hunting ammunition. Convinced we could improve upon a neglected technology, we created the industry's first Controlled Fracturing bullet for the Muzzleloader industry. Originally developed exclusively for Knight Rifles, we have continued to work on and perfect our achievement and now offer a complete line of Controlled Fracture ammunition. Next, we decided to work on producing a Subsonic bullet that would match or improve upon the terminal performance of a high velocity bullet. Today our Subsonic bullet delivers unparalleled terminal results. As our reputation has grown, Lehigh has continued to investigate and improve upon our most revolutionary ammunition. Building on the predictability of our Controlled Fracture technology, we now produce personal defense ammunition with exceptional terminal and barrier performance. As a result, this revolutionary projectile has earned a reputation for outstanding bystander safety with law enforcement officials and military personnel.