Frequently Asked Questions

CPT is short for Cartridge Package Tactical! It is a new patented concept to pack ammunition, which allows the user to load ammunition into the magazine in a swift and fast way. The CPT is an innovative way to load your magazine quickly and under stressful conditions. The CPT allows you to load 30 rounds in a few seconds, compared to the normal packaging of ammunition which takes 1-2 minutes.

With another CPT, magazine or even your hand, make a pulling movement and load instantly your magazine. The CPT is simple, fast and easy to use! Another advantage of the CPT is that you can load your magazines even while using your gloves or mittens. CPT is always handy even in the most stressful conditions

  • Military & Law Enforcement : For those of you who are training or in combat situation, the CPT offers you both tactical and operational advantages – THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU! Would you like to test the CPT at your unit ? – please contact us
  • Ammunition Manufacturers : The CPT is a unique, innovative and disruptive solution! Once your customers see the CPT in action, they will want their ammunition to be packed in CPT. Become one of the first to produce and sell your ammunition in the CPT, and expand your business to new clients or areas whilst creating value to your existing clients. We have business partnership models we can present to you.

    The best thing is that the CPT is simple and cost effective, with marginal impact on the cost of your ammunition – especially when providing a new solution for your existing and potential clients

  • Instructors and Civilian Shooters : Don’t waste time at the range or at home filing up your magazines, use the CPT and be ready for your training. The CPT will allow you more time at the range, for shooting, as well as avoiding sore fingers! Students can focus on learning and putting all efforts in their shooting skills instead of wasting time loading magazines.

CPT is now available in:

– 5.56 Nato

– 223 Remington

– 300 Blackout

5.56 NATO caliber rifles AND Magazines with NATO STANAG rifle/magazines interface: AR-15 type, M4, M16, FN SCAR, H&K 416, H&K 433 etc All kind of magazines for this weapon/magazine configuration can be used: STANAG Metal Magazines, Magpul PMAG and EMAG, Lancer etc.

“We recommend the use of original factory loaded ammunition with the CPT, as it self=loaded ammunition may have variations in length and case quality, which may prevent CPT’s proper functionality.“

  • The CPT allows the user to load a magazine directly from the ammunition package. The fast loading is possible when wearing gloves and in all weather conditions. As the reload is simple, and does not require fine motor skills, it is an easy procedure even under highly stressful situations.
  • Extremely fast loading of magazines compared to traditional = 4-8 seconds compared to 1-2 minutes
  • No sore fingers
  • CPT is a good thermometer for the condition of the magazine
  • Rapid deployment of ammunition box with CPT’s allow operator fast reloading
  • The CPT system can be colour coded and tactiled (nodules/lumps) to distinguish different ammunition types e.g. training rounds transparent, ball/frangible green with white stripe; armour piercing black, tracer orange, etc.
  • Or the colour code can be printed on the outer wrapping material (plastic)

CPT comprises two rows of cartridges.

The capacity of the cartridge package is thus divided into two sub-compartments in the cartridge package.


The mouth portion of the cartridge package is identical in both sub-compartments of the cartridge package and the two sub-compartments are separated by a flexible intermediate wall.


This construction makes it possible to load either row of cartridges first.