Cartridge | Package | Tactical

  • CPT means Cartridge Package, Tactical. This is NOT a magazine loading device. This is a cartridge package, which is loaded at the ammunitions plant, or in some cases at a military base. From our CPT you can load your high capacity magazine in few seconds. An average load time with CPT is 2-8 seconds. With traditional cartridge packaging it may take 1-2 minutes to load a 30-round magazine. You may simply use a magazine or another CPT and load either side first. Then, turn the CPT over and load the second side. Simplicity itself. You can load wearing gloves, even mittens, in darkness or other stressful conditions. You do not have to worry which side first. CPT will load from either side. CPT will be on market soon, giving you all the operational and tactical advantage, you could only have dreamed of. CPT is a registered trademark as well as  globally patented.

CPT comprises two rows of cartridges

• The capacity of the cartridge package is thus divided into two sub-compartments in the cartridge package.
• The mouth portion of the cartridge package is identical in both sub-compartments of the cartridge package and the two sub-compartments are separated by a flexible intermediate wall.
This construction makes it possible to load either row of cartridges first.